Oil & Gas Recruiting and Consulting

The Dahill Group is an Oil & Gas Recruiting Firm committed to providing recruitment services and solutions to add real business value to our clients. We can tailor our executive search to the strategic importance of a specific position, the degree of urgency, and confidentiality of your hiring need.  We offer a blend of recruitment support services and a variety of pricing models.


recruiting and search solutions

The Dahill Group serves as recruiters in the oil & gas industry and offers recruiting solutions, ensuring your company gets the value you deserve and the outcome you need when hiring an oil & gas recruiter.  Our specialties in recruiting include: executive, legal, finance, land, tax, public policy, regulatory, compliance, investor relations, business operations and engineering. 



Talent Search and Acquisition

Every successful company strives to build and develop a management culture with the best human capital. The Dahill Group partners with clients in the energy industry to attract and recruit top talent. We strengthen business teams by recruiting strong leaders and subject matter experts.  Relevant statistics that are impacting our industry:

  • 33% of managers said the length of time to fill open positions has increased exponentially.

  • The US Department of Labor estimates that 50 percent of the oil and gas industry’s workforce will be eligible for retirement within the next five to ten years.

  • According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, private sector employment has risen seven percent since January 2010, while employment in the oil and gas industry has risen more than 25 percent.