Public Policy and Regulatory and Compliance


The demand for public policy professionals in the oil and gas industry is booming. Since 2009, the United States more than tripled their production of domestic  oil & gas .  The leading states for oil production are Texas, Colorado and Wyoming. Due to the exponential increase in production, the need for qualified individuals who are experienced in the oil and gas public policy is on the rise. The Dahill Group, a specialized oil & gas recruiting firm, with offices in Denver Colorado, Houston Texas and Casper Wyoming, provide recruiting in areas of; investor relations, public relations and communications professionals with industry specific oil & gas experience.



Oil & Gas companies doing business around the world will face significant risks related to the ever-increasing complexity of regulatory compliance.   For companies involved in the global oil & gas industry, regulations governing business both at the state and federal level, are anticipated to increase. The complexity and reach of regulations continue to grow as governments seek new tools to strengthen the requirements for everything from well design to workplace safety and corporate accountability.

Successful companies need to manage that risk and have a well-designed program with experienced industry talent.  The Dahill Group, a specialized oil & gas recruiting firm, provides recruiting services to find the industry leaders in compliance, FCPA, UK Anti-Bribery and other areas of antitrust.  When investing in a search for a Chief Compliance Officer or the hiring of other compliance professionals – many of them attorneys, the Dahill Group has the industry experience and knowledge you need.

Health, safety and environment

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is a critical role in the oil and gas industry. Minimizing and eliminating risks through HSE efforts are essential to an organization's employees and maintaining a healthy evironment. The Dahill Group recruits for skilled professionals in the HSE sector dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment. The Dahill Group recruits for:

  • HSE Vice President/Director/Manager
  • HSE Advisor
  • HSE Safety Manager
  • HSE Coordinator.