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___________Energy                                            Dec. 2013 – Present

Field Operations Manager                                         Dec. 2015 to Present                                                  

  • Directly responsible for daily production operations and facilities construction projects
  • First company representative on the ground for a new development project in North Park, CO
  • Responsible for creating field team org chart and staffing the team
  • Created 2016 LOE budget (~$6 MM in 2016)
  • Responsible for coding invoices, creating monthly LOE accrual, and forecasting remaining LOE spend for the year
  • Reduced per barrel water hauling costs by 50%
  • Brought 10 new horizontal wells online in 2016
  • Grew production from a low of 500 bopd up to 4,000 bopd
  • Successfully installed both jet pump and rod pump artificial lift
  • Constructed and commissioned a 10,000 bpd central facility that includes two truck loading LACTs
  • Constructed six miles of gas and liquid gathering lines
  • Field design and constructed a new SWD facility that includes a triplex injection pump
  • Spec’ed out and commissioned three-phase allocation separators that include continuous measurement
  • Went over seven months without a company or contractor recordable incident
  • Had zero company injuries or vehicle incidents in 2016

Vice President – Facilities and Construction              Dec. 2013 – Dec. 2015

  • Led the team responsible for designing and constructing all production facilities, salt water gathering pipelines, power infrastructure, and SCADA required to support development of the Midcon business unit
  • Managed the electrical team responsible for operating the company’s 1300 mile electrical system
  • Facilities team was comprised of 68 people (33 corporate and 35 field)
  • Responsible for over $300 MM of capital construction projects in 2014
  • Developed detailed electrical and salt water disposal infrastructure scope and budget of $71 MM in 2015
  • Responsible for over $75 MM of controllable electrical operating expenses in 2014
  • Developed bottoms-up detailed electrical operating cost budget of $96 MM in 2015
  • Created a standard electrical specific Job Safety Analysis to be used by all electrical contractors
  • Worked with production to implement a formal PSSR to ensure that a safe, quality production facility was completed prior to first production
  • Sponsored a zero-tolerance PPE program within the construction group.  Initial results are allowing the team to high grade contractors that operate with a safety first culture
  • Sponsored the creation of a safety observation mobile app.  Field personnel are responsible for completing observations each day.  Results are allowing the team to identify safety issues prior to injuries so that proactive responses can be made
  • Successfully supported transition to utilizing ESPs as the primary method of artificial lift.  Required growing the load served by the electrical distribution system from 60 MVA to over 120 MVA
  • Executed a fixed price power line construction agreement in 2014 that reduced the cost of power line construction by 40% resulting in a 2014 capital savings impact of  $7 MM
  • Reduced electrical deferment associated with power outages by over 50% from Q2’14 to Q1’15 resulting in a projected incremental 2015 production impact of over 400k BOE
  • Implemented processes that reduced the production facility construction cycle time by over 16%
  • Executed a fixed price facility electrical service agreement in 2015 that will reduce external labor costs by over 20% resulting in a projected 2015 operating expense savings of $1 MM
  • Implementing a free-water knock out reclamation program that will reduce the cost of new production facilities by over $40k resulting in a projected 2015 capital savings is over $4 MM


________ Company                                         Sept. 2011 – Dec. 2013

Engineering Advisor – Power and Projects

  • Electrical Subject Matter Expert in the corporate Engineering Technology Group
  • Managed the construction of over 300 miles of power line in northwest Oklahoma (Miss Lime)
  • Prepared designs and AFEs for over 150 miles of power line to be constructed in Eagle Ford in 2014
  • Prepared organization charts and received approval to create a formal electrical organization to support the various regional business units
  • Created a standard electrical specific Job Safety Analysis to be used by all electrical contractors
  • Created a distribution power line specification book that enabled the creation of per unit, fixed price construction bids
  • Implemented scheduling and cost tracking processes that improved contractor efficiency by 50%
  • Revamped contractor invoicing process that reduced payment cycle time by over 30 days
  • Created peak electrical demand forecasts based on production forecasts
  • Worked with utilities to understand transmission and substation capacity constraints
  • Completed an agreement for the utility company to construct a 22 MVA substation
  • Implemented natural gas distributed generation on company owned distribution systems to supplement electrical utility capacity
  • Developed a natural gas generator rental fleet program to serve ESP installations on sites without permanent power

International Major                                         June 2006 – Sept. 2011

Electrical Project Engineer                                February 2010 – Sept 2011

  • Lead electrical engineer on the $120 MM 138kV refinery re-feed project
  • Responsible for cutting over sixteen 35kV fed substations from utility power to feeders from new plant 138kV substation without an interruption in service.  Also energizing four new 35kV fed substations
  • Reviewed substation design packages submitted by the design engineering firm
  • Created design packages to replace electromechanical protection relays with SEL protection relays
  • Reviewed relay coordination curves and arc flash values created in SKM PowerTools
  • Developed auto-transfer scheme that can be implemented and tested on a running substation
  • Programed over 200 SEL protective relays (over-current, transformer differential, line differential)
  • Provide field oversight and support during the cutover phases
  • Oversaw all relay testing and commissioning
  • Ensured accurate drawings are turned over to the refinery after each cutover is completed

I/E Project Engineer                                  November 2007 – January 2010

  • I/E Project Engineer assigned to the $140 MM Sulfur Recovery Unit project, $75 MM Selective Catalytic Reduction project, and $70 MM Wet Gas Scrubber project
  • Responsible for overseeing the design, installation, and commissioning of over $15 MM worth of instrument, electrical, and controls equipment
  • Managed the installation of a 2600 ft, 6 conduit underground ductbank system that ran through the heart of the refinery.  Required significant field redesign due to the discovery of underground obstructions.  Completed the project six weeks ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Managed the $2.5MM controls system upgrade at the current sulfur unit.  Requires coordinating two engineering firms along with plant personnel.  Successfully directed an integrated team of eleven people during the four week hot cutover portion without incident
  • Oversaw the installation of the 15kV feeders, power transformers, and unit substation.  Provided technical direction and clarification for installation issues
  • Worked closely with plant operations representatives to ensure that controls on the new unit will be consistent with the existing unit
  • Served as an interface between four different engineering firms during to design phase so that the necessary information was successfully communicated
  • Completed the layer of protection analyses initiated by the PHA.  Also verified that shutdown systems meet the required SIL level and are practical to maintain
  • Organized and monitored the progress of the instrument loop check activity.  Responsible for resolving issues uncovered during this activity

I/E Reliability Engineer                                   June 2006 – November 2007

  • Played a significant role in the planning and execution of an a $1 MM electrical turnaround
  • Proposed, designed, and executed the $100k upgrade of a dilapidated switch rack
  • Reviewed the drawings and oversaw the construction of the electrical portion of the contractor consolidation compound maintenance shop and lunchroom
  • Prepared high voltage switching orders and supervised electricians as they worked through the procedure
  • Replaced obsolete 5kV switchgear over current and differential relays with Schweitzer relays to improve system reliability
  • Wrote two new Sweeny Electrical Procedures concerning circuit breaker testing and trained maintenance electricians on the new procedures
  • Led the investigation team that performed a Root Cause Failure Analysis to determine what was responsible for the failure of an isolation valve
  • Reviewed the Sweeny Electrical Datasheets for the Refining Engineering Practices and suggested changes that would help clarify design expectations for outside engineering design firms
  • Knowledgeable of  NFPA 70 (NEC), NFPA 70E, NFPA 70B, and NETA Acceptance Testing
  • Utilized SIL Solver to determine required SIF PM frequencies to achieve SIL targets

Independent Contract Automation Enginee    Oct. 2005 – June 2006

Contracted by Tulsa Tube Bending

  • Proposed, designed, and implemented an $80k automation project that utilized an Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC, touch screen HMI, VFDs, and various instruments
  • Procured and oversaw the installation of all necessary components
  • Learned about induction bending process and proposed improvements to improve the quality of bends
  • Proposed business improvement processes that were inline with the company’s Lean Manufacturing initiative

___ Drilling Services                                              June 2004 – Nov. 2004

Logging While Drilling Field Engineer

  • Traveled to the wells site and rigged up logging equipment
  • Oversaw logging operations and corrected problems as necessary
  • Presented real-time logging information to the client daily
  • Prepared the final logs and submit them to the client

National Standard Company                             Nov. 2002 – May 2004

Electrical Maintenance/Project Engineer

  • Proposed, designed, and implemented a $120k automation project at the waste water plant the utilized Allen Bradley PLCs and various instruments
  • Proposed and designed a $150k motor cooling project that utilized large air handlers and duct work
  • Implemented various small PLC based automation projects
  • Provided support for maintenance operations as needed


Master of Business Administration         

Oklahoma State University                  

GPA: 4.0 · Selected as MBA Student of the Year · Served as President of the MBA Association


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering                   

Oklahoma State University                  

GPA: 3.6 · Published a paper titled “Representation of Antenna Calibration Data Using Modular Neural Networks” at the 45th IEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (2002)


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering                

Oklahoma State University               

GPA: 3.7 · Graduated Cum Laude


Professional Activities

  • Speaker and panelist at the Unconventional Production and Well Site Facilities Design, Onshore 2015 conference
  • Keynote speaker at the Powering Onshore Oil and Gas Facilities 2016 conference
  • Judge for the Oil and Gas Awards