Extensive background in Geologic aspects of exploration, exploitation and development of petroleum resources in the Permian Basin.

Proven achievements in development of company assets and facilitating acquisitions and divestitures.

Senior Geologist with valuable experience utilizing geologic programs, industry insights and knowledge to map, delineate and evaluate resources resulting in increased efficiency and profit. Extensive experience working with multi-faceted teams and disciplines to manage technical aspects of assets and make recommendations to senior management.  


  • Recognized potential of Spraberry formation as horizontal target, resulting in adding significant reserves and options for drilling multilateral (pad) wells across multiple assets in the Midland Basin.
  • Key contributor in completions analysis, design and optimization, which led to significant enhancement in recovery and efficiency when targeting multiple formations from a single pad. Also increased performance of vertical wells via recompletions.
  • Remapped and evaluated underperforming assets for viability and presented results and recommendations to executive management for rework options and/or divestiture.
  • Researched vendors for well services i.e. mudlogging and geosteering, resulting in personally negotiating fair, high quality and advantageous services for logging wells.
  • Onboarded and integrated new Houston office Geology personnel.  Spent six months travelling and living between Houston and Midland offices to help get the new office running and integrate and mentor new geology staff. Worked with onboarded personnel to prepare and present technical projects.


Company A

Midland, TX, 2017-2018

  • Identified new opportunities in the Permian Basin by utilizing mapping (both hand contouring and software), Geographics, Drilling Info, Spotfire, ArcGIS, RS Energy Applications etc., paper wire-line log analysis and unique understanding of Permian operations to make recommendations to management and investors.
  • Worked primarily independently with small group of land and engineering professionals to develop new play ideas.
  • Monitored industry activity in the AOI including drilling, completions, production and special issues such as take away challenges (water/gas), to identify competitor trends and locate overlooked opportunities.
  • Identified several plays before competitors which are currently in development such as San Andres west of Caprock (Mack Energy – NW Shelf) and PENN play (Cimarex and others - NE Delaware).
  • Co-mentored junior geologist on advanced mapping beyond structure and stratigraphy to include SOPhi, thermal maturity and reservoir characterization. Resulted in drilling (waiting on completion) of SA well in Midland Basin.
  • Made time sensitive recommendations on potential mineral acquisition opportunities.
  • Gained experience with data management due to necessity of managing data with limited support personnel. 

Company B

Midland, TX, 2012-2017

2016-2017 Senior Geologist New Mexico Shelf Asset

  • Managed several rigs drilling PDCK/BLBY wells while mapping and identifying potential new target benches in the Northern Delaware and Tatum Basins.
  • College Recruiting and mentoring.

2015-2016 Senior Geologist Exploration Asset

  • Monitored industry drilling completion and production activity and advised Executive Management in conjunction with Business Development Asset.
  • Evaluated assets for divestiture and competitor companies for acquisition.
  • Extensive mapping of Delaware Basin and integrated studies of Bone Spring and WFMP targets. College Recruiting and mentoring.

2014-2015 Senior Geologist Midland Basin/Exploration/Houston teams

  • Meritoriously promoted to Sr. Geologist based on achievements. 
  • Planned and drilled first Horizontal SPBY with the new Houston exploration team while mentoring and assisting integration of new Houston Exploration Geo team. 
  • Contributed to onboarding of Trinity software and integrated thermal maturity mapping of the entire Permian Basin.
  • Provided technical support with oil fingerprinting and micro seismic studies.
  • College Recruiting and mentoring.

2012-2014 Development/Operations Geologist – Midland Basin Asset

  • Managed 14 rigs drilling ~150 vertical WFMP wells in the Midland Basin.
  • Picked perforations based on CNL logs while simultaneously mapping the entire Permian Basin. Identified and delineated additional targets such as SPBY, Jo Mill, DEAN, WFMP, PENN and ATOKA which added to reserves and profit.
  • Worked with Reservoir and Completion Engineers to enhance recoveries.
  • College Recruiting and mentoring. 

Company C

Midland, TX, 2011-2011 

  • Worked in the exploration division mapping and interpreting wire line log data and geochemical data to determine well sites for 2012 drilling plan.
  • Initiated exploration and development strategies of horizontal Spraberry formation.
  • Culminated in presentation of recommendations to management for regional drilling sites.  Offered full time position as Geologist.

2008-2010 - McNair Scholar Program

  • Honorary national undergraduate research program culminating in presentation of research at a national colloquium at UC Berkeley. The program is designed to prepare undergraduate students for graduate research.

2008-2010 - UCARE

  • Undergraduate research program culminating in presentation of research. The program is designed to provide undergraduate students with advanced research experience.


M.S. Geology (2012) - Oklahoma State University

  • Working on determining how the nitrogen cycle changed during the mass extinction at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary. (Did not Defend)

B.S. Geology (2010) - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Senior Thesis Topic: Core and wireline log correlation of Permian and Pennsylvanian strata in western Nebraska.


  • ·Applied Petroleum Geology        Sequence Stratigraphy      Economic and Exploration Geology
  • ·Fossil Fuels                                  Carbonate Petrography                                 Well Log Analysis
  • ·Seismic Interpretation                  GIS in Geosciences                                Organic Geochemistry


  • ·Nov 2016-Advanced Concepts in Carbonate Stratigraphy, Charles Kerans/Ned Frost
  • ·May 2014-Improved Models for Exploration and Production Scale Heterogeneity on Isolated Carbonate Platforms: Crooked-Acklins Platform (Southern Bahamas) Gene Rankey
  • ·Sep 2014- Depositional Processes, Fabrics and Stratigraphic Framework of Mudrocks: Applications to Shale Reservoirs, Jeff May
  • ·Jun 2013-Reservoir Engineering, Don Sharples
  • ·Apr 2013-Geologic Interpretation of Well Logs, Larry Maple
  • ·Feb 2013-Seismic Interpretation, John Randolph
  • ·Dec 2012-Reservoir Appraisal and Development, Howard Johnson
  • ·Jun 2011- SEPM Field Trip for Young Professionals, Guadalupe Mnts. Short course led Dr. Emily Stoudt.
  • ·Jan 2011- Petra overview for Geologists, short course at OSU.
  • ·May 2009- Clastic Depositional Environments Book Cliffs, Utah. Short course led by Dr. Simon Pattison- Brandon University, Manitoba Canada.
  • ·February 2009- AAPG Visiting Geoscientist Short Course: “Geology and Geophysics Applied to Industry.” Short course led by Dr. Fred Schroeder- Exxon Upstream Research.


  • ·2014-Current-SIPES, Board Member (2016-Current), Environmental Affairs Chairman
  • ·2010-2012-Graduate Research Assistant on NSF Grant project under Dr. Tracy Quan
  • ·2008-2010- McNair Scholar Program, (Summer research stipend and grant)
  • ·2008-2010- UCARE, (research grant for conducting undergraduate research)
  • ·2008-2010- W &D Schild Geosciences Scholarship, University of Nebraska- Lincoln (departmental merit undergraduate scholarship).
  • ·2009-2010- Rex Monahan Scholarship, University of Nebraska- Lincoln (departmental merit undergraduate scholarship).
  • ·2009- L. Austin Weeks Undergraduate Grant, AAPG (grant for conducting research)
  • ·2009- UNSVO, University of Nebraska Veterans Organization, founding member and Treasurer.


  • ·SIPES, Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists
  • ·WTGS, West Texas Geologic Society
  • ·AAPG, American Association of Petroleum Geologists
  • ·SEPM, Society for Sedimentary Geology
  • ·GSA, Geological Society of America
  • ·IAS, International Society of Sedimentologists
  • ·VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars