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Experienced attorney and business advocate with extensive background in technology and telecommunications law, corporate/business law, and government relations.  Well-regarded adviser to senior management and Boards of Directors.  Experience in start-up, law firm, and in-house environments encompassing the for-profit, public, and not-for-profit sectors.  Demonstrated proficiency in corporate governance (risk management, compliance, restructuring and strategic planning), regulatory affairs, software, licensing, intellectual property, international transactions, and litigation management.  Distinctive specialization in technology law, including software, infrastructure (SaaS, PaaS, etc.), telecommunications, e-commerce, enterprise applications, and data security/privacy. 



Company A, Denver, CO

Company X is a start-up technology company that leverages the next-generation technology infrastructure developed during the Obama campaign (including “big data” analytics, cloud services/scalable infrastructures), both for enterprise-level and for smaller (data-intensive) e-commerce customers.

Partner, General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer

  • Supervise all corporate matters, and all transactions (client, partner, etc.). 
  • Manage internal coordination and communications.
  • In conjunction with the other partners, lead budgeting/strategic planning.

Company B, Cheyenne, WY

Company B is a preeminent scientific research institution with a world-class reputation for innovative science, international conservation and public education (> 300 FTEs, operations in 20 countries).

General Counsel and CIO (Chief Information Officer)

  • Member of executive team, reporting to the CEO. 
  • As General Counsel, advised the Board of Trustees, senior management and staff on all legal, governance and government relations matters (including active lobbying - federal, state, local). 
  • As CIO, led the company’s technology department (IT, web, new media, social media), including strategic planning.
  • Extensive experience with outsourcing, software development (enterprise, web, mobile apps), e-commerce law, cloud-based services (SaaS, PaaS, etc.), IP management.
  • Supervised staff of 25 with a budget in excess of $5 million. 

Company C, Dallas, TX

Company C is a multinational provider of telecommunications and IT outsourcing services. The company offers a broad array of services (regulated and unregulated), has > 100 FTEs, and yearly revenues in excess of $250 million.

General Counsel and Secretary

  • Member of US senior management team, reporting directly to the CEO (and indirectly to international GC). 
  • Supervised all legal and regulatory compliance activities of the domestic corporation.  Supervised staff of six employees (one attorney).
  • In depth experience with IT outsourcing, data services, telecommunications law, international business transactions.
  • Also provided oversight of facilities, risk management and insurance.

Company X, Austin, TX

Assistant Corporate Counsel and Deputy Purchasing Agent

  • Served as lead counsel negotiating large information technology, telecommunications, utility, and employee benefits transactions.
  • Promoted through several positions, ultimately supervised procurement for all technology and then for the City’s airport system (Deputy Purchasing Agent). 

Company Y, Austin, TX

Litigation Associate

  • Researched and drafted briefs and appeared in court in support of general commercial litigation activity.




  • Commercial Transactions, Strategic Partnerships
    • Acted as lead counsel in acquisition of $55 million asset portfolio from a bankruptcy estate. IT outsourcing contracts were acquired for approximately $.81 (gross revenue) on the dollar.
    • Lead counsel or supervising counsel for several large-scale IT outsourcing and telecommunications transactions, many international, representing in excess of $120 million of revenue. 
    • Lead counsel for numerous smaller commercial technology transactions, including software development, licensing, service agreements (hosting, SaaS, PaaS, etc.), IT support services (desktop), equipment procurement, media development, IP licensing.  
    • Supervisory counsel for numerous non-technology outsourcing and/or services arrangements (store concessions, restaurant concessions, technology-based services, etc.).
    • Counseled senior management on development of a successful high-end academic collaboration (2 institutions) to establish an expansive digital archive -- the “Encyclopedia of Life” – you can see the result at  


  • Technology, E-Commerce, Data Security, Privacy
    • Led comprehensive data security/privacy/e-commerce compliance analysis for a complex organization with multifaceted outreach/e-commerce programs, resulting in comprehensive and integrated compliance program.  Included HIPAA, COPA, COPPA, PCI Compliance, other laws.  Also led system planning (as CIO) designed to assure compliance.


  • Legislative Analysis/Government Relations
    • Telecommunications and Data Services
      • Led extensive regulatory compliance analysis associated with the adoption of voice-based  (as opposed to data-based) telecommunications products (due to corporate merger), and later, led interactions with FCC and local/state regulatory agencies (complex NSF-related issues).
        • Achieved positive results with the FCC regarding various categories of network traffic.
        • Led annual tax and telecommunications compliance (State, Federal).
        • Personally led strategic analysis of other laws, including:  The Stimulus Act (the “ARRA”, resulting in $5 million competitive award for infrastructure); COPA and COPPA (privacy protection for minors on internet); NAGPRA (protection of Native American Graves and Sacred Objects, including federal lobbying and litigation preparation); other privacy and data security laws.
        • Personally represented corporation (Company B) with the IRS, Texas Attorney General, and other regulatory authorities.
        • Personally represented corporation (Company B) as active lobbyist for issues related to antiquities, biological specimens, financial disclosures, funding, other matters. 


  • Corporate/Governance
    • Corporate Governance:
      • Served as lead counsel for all Board and governance activity for research-based not-for-profit (85 trustees, 15 committees);
      • Served as lead counsel for all Board and governance activity for private corporation (5 Directors).
      • M&A: Lead counsel for the merger of two US subsidiaries (one providing telecommunications services, one IT outsourcing and management services), including integration of benefits plans.
      • Internal Investigations:  Led three internal investigations, in partnership with Board’s audit committee; Reported results of same to Attorney General.
      • Start-ups:  Lead counsel supporting business formation/development (corporate formalities, filings, Board meetings, equity management) for three start-up companies.


  • Litigation/Dispute Management
    • Managed dispute resolution/litigation programs for two clients: (1) a not-for-profit (with litigation in federal and state courts, including antiquities, bankruptcy, IP infringement, commercial disputes), and (2) a mid-sized for-profit technology company (T-Systems);
    • Served as lead in-house counsel for complex federal litigation (District Court in Austin, and 7th Circuit Ct. of Appeals) related to antiquities (incl. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and related laws).
    • Lead counsel negotiating or otherwise resolving numerous commercial disputes and employment-relations matters.


  • IP Management
    • Supervised high-value IP asset portfolio (copyright and trademark rights) for very high-value properties (for example, “Sue the T-Rex”).  Supervised filings, wrote cease and desist letters, etc.
    • Developed internal/external policies for management/access to extensive digital asset archive (> 2 million images).


  • Risk and Insurance
    • For for-profit corporation, managed all-risk insurance portfolio for domestic operations (@ $250k/yr. program, less than 2% average annual growth);
    • For not-for-profit corporation, restructured and managed $750k annual insurance program (net gain in premium <5% over five years).


  • Employee Relations/HR
    • Counseled leadership in a variety of employment law matters, including several executive engagements and terminations (with no resulting liabilities). 
    • Lead counsel for a series of corporate downsizing actions. 
    • Counseled leadership in high-profile workforce reduction that including involuntary terminations within a protected class of employee (tenured academic staff).




Admitted to Texas Bar (1992)

University of Texas Law School (Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, May 1992)

Boston University (BA, Communications, Cum Laude, May 1988)


  • Study of law in Japan (Summer law study program, 1991)


  • International and business travel (I lived in Japan through 8th grade)


  • Running (anything up to 13.1 mi); and Basketball (Active player)