Clean Energy Engineering Recruiting

Engineers have a unique skill set and within the energy industry, there are very niche areas of engineering that are critical to the development, operational excellence and growth of any energy company.  The Dahill Group’s extensive experience in understanding the complex and unique demands for engineering talent in Energy and Natural Resources is critical to helping our clients identify and hire top clean energy engineering talent.  We work have to become an asset and ally to our clients with our in-depth industry experience that allows us to help and support their engineering hiring needs.

As the clean energy industry expands, many companies are increasing their clean energy engineering recruiting efforts to combat new challenges and growth. In addition, we rely heavily on our large network of engineers that provide us access to passive candidates and those they recommend and trust.  We are able to “walk the walk and talk their talk." 

We value our relationships with our engineer candidates as a trusted advisors they can turn to when making a career change.