Geothermal HSE Recruitment

Natural resources, energy, climate change, social issues and economic pressures are closely interconnected. Global challenges in Environmental Health & Safety are an integral part of all companies in the natural resources industry. It is critical to articulate the values of your organization for the health and safety of your employees, customers and communities of which you are part. A commitment to protecting the environment and responsibly managing natural resources is vital to improving operational performance and enhancing reputational value for our stakeholders.  

Understanding the complexities of the roles and responsibilities of HSE requires a geothermal HSE recruitment partner that has the industry knowledge and experience to help.

At The Dahill Group, we deliver top environmental talent with functional specializations in EHS.  Roles include:

  • VP of Environmental Health & Safety
  • Environmental Compliance Manager
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Manager
  • Environmental Project Manager
  • Environmental Health and Safety Leader
  • Geologist
  • EHS Specialist
  • EHS Representative