Oil And Gas Investor Relations/Analyst Jobs

Oil and Gas Investor Relations/Analyst Search 

The Dahill Group strives to provide top Oil & Gas industry analysis experts that will become assets to any organization's team.  As an industry-specific executive oil & gas firm, The Dahill Group is able to utilize a broad network of specialized analysts to match the needs of clients.

The Dahill Group's Oil and Gas recruitment includes various analyst roles including positions such as:  

  • Financial Analysts
  • Planning & Evaluation Analysts
  • Senior Analysts

Our recruiters take pride in being a part of the Oil & Gas industry and have taken the time to understand how each position provides an important contribution to a company. Our Denver-based recruiting firm develops a relationship with both clients and candidates to provide optimal matches for both parties. As the energy industry continues to expand, many companies are experiencing new challenges and looking for oil and gas investor relations.